Kurtis Lesick | Director

Kurtis Lesick is an artist, researcher, writer and creative content consultant. He has consulted with such leading arts and media organisations as the Alberta College of Art + Design, the Banff New Media Institute, the Calgary Arts Development Authority, Canadian Heritage, the National Film Board of Canada, the Union of BC Performers, and others. Kurtis has overseen the development of several large-scale online properties, including the KidScreen award winning ‘Technosaurs’ project, and has developed online and mobile concepts for the National Film Board of Canada and independent producers.

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Paul Robert | Faculty

Paul Robert is a Canadian media artist with a preference for low-fi aesthetics and open source technologies. His projects aim at revealing the hidden assumptions that allow technological modes of thought to seem self-evident. He has exhibited his work in a variety of Canadian and International locations.

Paul has an MFA from NSCAD University (2005) and has taught at the Alberta College of Art + Design for the past six years in the departments of First Year Studies, Media Arts and Digital Technologies, and Liberal Studies. He has a long history of participation in artist-run culture, both in Calgary and Halifax, and in 2014 was the Local Artist In Residence at EMMEDIA Gallery and Production Society. His writing has appeared in publications such as Bordercrossings and Fuse.

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Darlene Lee | Permanent Designer in Residence

There is hardly a household in North America that does not contain a product influenced by the work of Darlene Lee. Having designed for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart and Calvin Klein Darlene’s work has reframed the roll of design in the consumer culture of America. Her broad range of skills has enabled her to make ventures into product design, fabrication, conceptual design, and user experience. Darlene has been honoured with many design awards and her artwork is in private and corporate collections. She teaches at the Alberta College of Art + Design and is the permanent Designer in Residence at CE3C (the Creative Environment for Emerging Electronic Culture).

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Kathleen Brown | Artist/Writer in Residence (2012)

Kathleen Brown is completing her PhD at the University of Calgary. She works on the 85 Project with Robert Majzels, Claire Huot and Nathan Tremblay; and is Writer in Residence at CE3C (Creative Environment for Emerging Electronic Culture) at ACAD. Recent collaborations include The Mapping Issue (Dandelion) with Oana Avasilichioaei and performance/MACHINE (Dandelion) with Michael Nardone. She has an MA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of New Brunswick.

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Travis Kirton | Artist/Programmer in Residence (2012)

Travis Kirton specializes in interactive media (gaming and typography), with a focus on joint production of art and academic publication. He has exhibited at The Banff Centre (Canada), TEI2010 (Boston), Over the Game Festival (Sevilla), Medialab Prado (Madrid), Santral Istanbul (Turkey), Ars Electronica (Linz), ACM Multimedia (Vancouver), and has published research papers and print works in a variety of magazines and conference publications. He has worked with The Banff New Media Institute, (Banff, Canada), Tangible Interaction Inc. and the Ars Electronica Futurelab. He is a graduate from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (Vancouver, Canada) with a specialization in interaction design, and holds a Master’s degree in Interface Culture (Linz, Austria).

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Greg Debicki | Line Producer (2012)

Greg Debicki is a sound artist with a special interest in algorithmic music. He has received a scholarship from Emmedia to create generative music based on sensory input from nature. His installation entitled “Farming Ordinary Wind Chimes” (3 networked computers that improvise a micro-tonal sound-scape, which is an experiment in inducing brain waves through bin-aural beating) was displayed at the Dartington College of Art in England. His work has been curated at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery in Calgary, Canada; live international, streaming, co-locative performances in Den Haag, Berlin, Reykjavik, and Lodz; and controlled generative iphone algorithms in Penryn, England. His sound work has been featured on the BBC (Tom Ravenscroft) and appears on several labels including Enigmatic (Australia).

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Jordan Peterson | Programming Assistant (2012)

Jordan Peterson is a recent graduate from the Alberta College of Art + Design with a major in Media and Design Technology. Although he is proficient in many artistic mediums, both traditional and digital, he developed a particular interest in creating programming-based artwork when one of his instructors noticed how easily he was able to utilize different programming languages, such as Objective C and Processing. Other areas that are of interest to him include sequential art, 2D and 3D animation, and augmented reality.

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Mohammad Rezaei | Production Intern (2012)

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Alia Shahab | Research Intern (2012)

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ALUMNI (interns/producers)

Garrett Baumgartner (2009- 2011)

Shiori Saito (2009- 2011)

Suk Kyoung Choi (2009)



Alan Dunning (CIRO 2009-2010)

Adam Tindale (CIRO 2009-2010)

Mary Scott (Vulcan Explorer 2010-2011)