Cocoa for Artists with Travis Kirton

CFA_icon Workshop
September 10,17,24 2010
Room 494, ACAD
MADT 307/407 Programming for Artists

About Workshop
Cocoa For Artists is a project inspired by Processing and MacResearch to promote software literacy, in both research and the arts. This is a first step in a direction towards making the programming language Cocoa more accessible, with a focus on the artistic side of application development and the production of new kinds of computer-aided art practice.

Cocoa is a very extensive set of frameworks which are tightly integrated into the hardware of all Apple computers and devices. This integration makes it an ideal language for harnessing the computing power of the computer, or device, so that applications run smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you’re building installations or new kinds of artistic software, and you’re working on a Mac, Cocoa is the most ideal language with which you can create. While there are tons of resources for learning Cocoa, there isn’t much material specifically oriented towards artists.

Through Cocoa For Artists we’re hoping to make a very reliable and powerful programming language accessible and easy to use for creative exploration and the production of new forms of art.

Travis will conduct 4 workshops as a part of MADT 307/407 Programming for Artists class.

Artist Bio

Travis Kirton is a designer specializing in the production of performance, tangible, and interactive media. A graduate from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (Simon Fraser University, ’06) with a specialization in interaction design, he is currently a Master’s candidate in the interface culture program at the University of Art and Design Linz. His experience over the last few years has ranged from video and graphic design, information and interaction architectures, to software development in support of prototyping and design process. He has also gained extensive experience in exhibition production and the manufacturing of installations.

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