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June 10, 2010
Room 494, ACAD

Phone and iPad applications have created a whole new market niche for digital industries and artist expression. Come and learn what it takes to succeed, find out about development intern opportunities and the possibilities of starting your own business as an application developer.

Join industry guru, entrepreneur and investor Michael Sikorsky for an informal talk and Q&A about opportunities in Alberta for iPhone and iPad app developers.

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About Michael Sikorsky:
Michael likes to make things. Currently he spends the majority of his time working on all things iPhone and iPad.

In 2010, Robots and Pencils won the Innovation/Leaderhip award from Digital Alberta for our iPhone work.

Michael has been invited to speak at Cyberport Hong Kong, Harvard Business School, MIT, Stanford, Community 2.0 Las Vegas, MESH Toronto and has been interviewed by the Globe and Mail, Financial Times, Business Week, UK Guardian and more.

In March 2007 he won the Great Canadian Pitch-Off at the Canadian Venture Forum and was named Canada’s Internet Revolutionary by Profit magazine.

Michael sold a software company he co-founded, Servidium, to ThoughtWorks, received a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Alberta and holds a software patent related to innovative rendering techniques.

Michael also runs the Calgary iPhone iPad Dev Camp, Teaches iPhone/iPad Development at his iPhone Dev School and also runs a intimate weekend course on Startups.

Michael J. Sikorsky’s Specialties:
iPhone iPad Development, Cloud Computing (GoogleAppEngine, Heroku and Amazon Stack) , and Startups.

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