Live Cinema Workshop Participated Artists

Mia Makela

Mia Makela (SOLU) is finnish media+live cinema artist, educator, investigator and curator currently residing in Berlin. Her work has been described as “A dark delirium of images, a disintegrated vision on a complex world — a digital version of William Blake’s poetry”. Her style ranges from minimal abstractions to multilayered compositions following a dreamlike narrative audiovisual journey. She processes her visual material with MAX/MSP/JITTER, Isadora and Modul8.

List of Participants

Martha Affleck: Martha Affleck is not only a sculpture major, she is a performance artist. Martha gains her experience as a videographer by producing documentaries, shows at NUTV, and video art in her own practice. Through her experiences in and outside of ACAD, she expresses her ideologies about structure, apathy, and community. In her performances she chops through walls to show that the failureof a structure is the failure of the people. Her highly controversial transgressive interventions, challenges the audiences and breaks boundaries.

Keith Karding: KeithK is a Media Artist at Alberta College of Art and Design. He works in the areas of live audio visual performance, interactive gaming, and 3D design.

Kim Seung Pen: Kim Seung Pen was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Currently, She attends Alberta College of Art + Design and is working on graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in New Media + Digital Technologies by 2011. Her specialties in art comes in diverse forms like html/css coding, website design, animations, video, two dimensional imagery, abstract pixellated graphics, digital collage, sound, fibre (handmade books, crocheting, papermaking, sewing, weaving, etc), drawing, painting, collage, etc.

Caitlind Brown: Caitlind r.c. Brown is a new media artist, film maker, social photographer and radio DJ living and broadcasting from Calgary, Alberta. Obsessed with celluloid, experimental cinema, doomed love stories and old junk, Caitlind is a fresh graduate of Alberta College of Art and Design, lives in the Arbour Lake Sghool house, and volunteers for as many film-related organizations as she can sink her teeth into. She intends to someday be an astronaut.

Sean Sader: Sean Sader is a Calgary based artist who graduated from ACAD in 2009 with a BFA in Media Arts & Digital Technology. He started Pamela Press after graduation. He continues to create his work through books with other artists and creators, focusing on the book’s ability to create a personal gallery space.

Maegan Newfeld: Maegan Newfeld’s art practice started in photo, then video, then animation. I love Mixed media, and learning new things. I’m interested in live cinema because life as an animator is sometimes lonely; theater is more thrilling

Garrett Baumgartner:
Garrett Baumgartner is a recent graduate of the Media Arts + Digital
Technologies program at the Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary,
Alberta, Canada. As an interactive experience creator and digital artist,
Garrett seeks to push beyond the normal conventions of technology with his work
by not only challenging what viewers see and hear, but also challenging how
viewers physically engage with his creations. Past artworks by Garrett have
included investigations with optical motion detection and sound mixing,
electronic textiles, repurposed/hacked electronics and multi-touch surface

Shiori Saito: Shiori Saito is an artist and researcher, whose multi-disciplinary research and practices aim to re-imagine new relationships between body and space. She is interested in making interactive and video installations by using various sensors such as motion, proximity and bio-feedback (heartbeat and skin conductance, etc) as meaningful inputs. She is a recent graduate of the Media Arts + Digital Technologies program at the Alberta College of Art + Design.

Gerry Straatof: Gerry Straathof is a student in the third year of the Madt program at ACAD. He is experienced in photography and interested in learning to use the moving image. His goal is to create artwork that integrates text and still or moving images with interaction from the viewer.

Sinji Park: Sinji Park is currently a senior pursuing a BFA in MADT(Media Arts + Digital Technologies at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. She has always been interested in creating and expressing her ideas through a variety of media. Her recent work focuses around motion graphics, animation and abstract visualization.

Jennifer Vallis: Jennifer Vallis is a fourth year media arts student at the Alberta College of Art and Design whose current practice explores concepts of movement and interactivity in both installation and performance environments. Her interactive designs and live performances have been showcased at music and art festivals including the Sled Island Festival, Motion Notion Festival, One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo and Happening New Media Festival. Jennifer performs both solo live laptop and turntable performances in addition to currently performing with the Alberta Laptop Ensemble (ALE).

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