Live Cinema: Real-Time Narratives with Mia Makela (SOLU)

livecinema_print2 Workshop
Mar. 23 to 26, 2010
Room 494, ACAD
Public Performance
Mar. 26, 2010 5-7pm,
Illingworth Kerr Gallery

About Workshop
Under the mentorship of Berlin-based digital artist, Mia Makela, 11 participants will engage, explore, and help redefine the practice of Live Cinema.

Live cinema is about breaking the experiential boundaries of the screen, the camera, the web and the word. It takes digital culture out of ‘the can’ and pits the cultural producer face to face with the cultural consumer. Live Cinema is more than a movie—it’s a performance, an exchange, a negotiation, a confrontation.

In a vibrant digital ecosystem technology is not just about making things go, but is central for discovering who we are and exploring the cultural environment around us. DIGITAL ALBERTA and CE3C is proud to support the creation of digital culture in Calgary with the LIVE CINEMA workshop at the Reel Artist Film Festival, March 23rd to 26th. The workshop will culminate in a public performance on Friday, March 26th, from 5-7pm featuring works from Mia Makela and the 11 participant artists.

Artist Bio
Mia Makela (SOLU) is finnish media+live cinema artist, educator, investigator and curator currently residing in Berlin. Her work has been described as “A dark delirium of images, a disintegrated vision on a complex world — a digital version of William Blake’s poetry”. Her style ranges from minimal abstractions to multilayered compositions following a dreamlike narrative audiovisual journey. She processes her visual material with MAX/MSP/JITTER, Isadora and Modul8.

Mia discontinues to perform as SOLU from 2011, but she is performing as Mia Makela (

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