I Thought Those Were Thoughts
New for 2015! A series of web-based works by Paul Robert.
vulcan_icon Vulcan Enterprise Project
A collaborative student venture to redesign and create new content for the interactive environment at the ‘Trek Station’ in Vulcan, Alberta. The students of Media Arts + Digital Technologies (MADT) program at the Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) will work under the mentorship of MADT faculties and CIROlab researchers to conceive, design and produce a functioning multi-touch experience that will fulfill Vulcan’s requirements.
CIRO_icon CIRO (Complex Input, Rational Output)
CIRO project Is a technology-based research and development project that prototypes software and multi-touch screen hardware for performance, visualization, exhibition and professional use. This explores how to capture multiple data inputs (either human or computer) and output them as useful, intuitive visualizations and/or audio interpretations.
vulcan_icon Vulcan County History Project
Vulcan County History Project is a community based project of the Vulcan Innovation Project with the objective of provided an online resource for the history of people and places in Vulcan County. We worked with Cody Shearer of Vulcan to create a history blog where the county can aggregate stories of its rich past.