Cocoa for Artists Showcase and Travis Kirton Lecture

Artist Presentation
February 16, 2011
Room 371, ACAD
Pictures – Coming Soon!
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CE3C presents
Cocoa for Artists Showcase and Travis Kirton

Join us in Room 371 for drinks, a little interactive art, and some cool insight from Travis Kirton!

Event Schedule:
February 16th, 5-7pm
Room 371, ACAD

  • 5-6pm: Showcase
  • 6-7pm: Travis Kirton Lecture

Cocoa for the Future

Cocoa for Artists (C4A) is a framework for artistic production created by Travis Kirton to simplifying how artists and creatives can programme for Apple devices. Cocoa is Apple’s development framework for iPhone, iPad and all Mac apps, designed to make it easy to work with drawing, animation, images, and typography. Cocoa’s video, midi and quartz components make it especially suited for creating performance works, VJing, and live visuals. Travis will discuss C4A and present work he has created using this robust framework.

About Artist
Travis Kirton is an Artist, Researcher and Interaction Designer specializing in the production of performance, tangible, and interactive media. A graduate from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SFU) with a specialization in Interaction Design, and M.A. Candidate at the Interface Culture Department, at the University of Art and Design Linz. He is currently developing new frameworks for artistic production and leading the Factory C4A workshop at ACAD. Recently, he spent a year and a half at the Banff Centre, Canada, exploring media-art research, prior to which he was an Interaction Designer at the Ars Electronica Futurelab.
His works are based in interactive media, typography and gaming, with a focus on joint production of art and academic publication. He has exhibited at Amber Festival (Istanbul), The Banff Centre (Canada), TEI’10 (Boston), Over the Game Festival (Sevilla), Medialab Prado (Madrid), Santral Istanbul (Turkey), Ars Electronica (Linz), ACM Multimedia (Vancouver), and has published research papers and print works in a variety of magazines and conference publications.

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