Factory C4A

Factory C4A is an artist workshop, an intensive bootcamp and an artistic intervention all in one. The project focuses on learning through making, rapid prototyping, intense collaboration, problem solving and rapidly escalating expectations as a means of learning the computer vision, touch-based and interactive computational arts.

Built on top of Cocoa, C4A is a framework for artistic production created by Travis Kirton. Cocoa is Apple’s development framework for iPhone, iPad and all Mac apps, designed to make it easy to work with drawing, animation, images, and typography. Cocoa’s video, midi and quartz components make it especially suited for creating performance works, VJing, and live visuals. Whether you’re building installations or new kinds of artistic software, and working on a Mac, Cocoa is the most ideal language with which you can create.

Factory C4A will run for two one-week sessions. Each session will have 15 full-time participants challenged to learn Cocoa by rapid experimentation. Doors are open to drop-in participants who may view, test and interact with both the content and the full-time participants.
New works will be shown one of three exhibition screens, and cycled every 15 minutes. Works will develop in sophistication though testing, collaboration, public input, and mentorship. The workshop will be captured on video and developed into content for the C4A project at:www.cocoaforartists.org
For details and event registration please email: garrett.baumgartner@acad.ca

PDF file is available from here.

About Artist
Travis Kirton is a designer specializing in the production of performance, tangible, and interactive media. A graduate from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (Simon Fraser University, ’06) with a specialization in interaction design, he is currently a Master’s candidate in the interface culture program at the University of Art and Design Linz. His experience over the last few years has ranged from video and graphic design, information and interaction architectures, to software development in support of prototyping and design process. He has also gained extensive experience in exhibition production and the manufacturing of installations.

Travis presented Cocoa for Artists Workshop at CE3C in September 2010.

Workshop Day Schedule:
10am-12pm: Workshop (required)
1-2pm: Open work time at travis’ discretion (optional)
2-5pm: Workshop with 15 minute break (required)

* Students are expected to participate full-time and so must be excused from conflicting classes. They have 9-10am to catch up with classes being missed as well at the afternoon break.

* Students should make arrangements with instructors to catch up on missed class materials.

Cocoa For Artists Showcase & Travis Kirton Lecture

When: February 16th, 2011
Time: 5-7pm
Where: ACAD Room 371

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