Champagne Valentine

Champagne Valentine Web Celebrity Class with Champagne ValentineNovember 22, 2010
#494 CE3C

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Champagne Valentine creates expressive digital experiences within the interactive media landscape. Working across a wide spectrum of clients from brands, consumers and agencies to galleries and museums, Champagne Valentine creates progressive and bespoke products for a diverse audience.

At the forefront of emerging digital technologies creative visionaries Geoff Lillemon and Anita Fontaine head an international studio of creative and technology superstars who are attuned to current trends while creating aesthetically timeless work. Combining their unique backgrounds in advertising, videogames, research and fine art their works straddle real and virtual terrains, cutting edge and entertainment technology, the digital and the actual.

Physical Installations, Websites, iPhone/ iPad Apps, Immersive Music Videos, Creative Direction, Research, Gallery Take-Overs, Sound Design


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