Inter(media)tion artists exhibit work at Free Exchange

On Sunday a group of works incubated in and curated by the CE3C workshop Inter(media)tion, were exhibited at the Free Exchange conference on ‘Media and Excess’ at the University of Calgary.

The Inter(media)tion group certainly offered a change of pace for conference goers and the reviews were very positive. There have been rumors already that the organizers were inspired by the presentation of the Inter(media)tions group, and plan to imitate their mode of critical investigation in upcoming years.

Performance by: | Leah Desmond and Maria Samaniego |
Installations by: | Jessie Altura and Sarah Grodecki | Dee Fontans and Nicole Tritter | Mihaela Slabe, Teresa Tam and Victoria Braun |
Kathleen Brown and Greg Debicki chaired the panel for the presentation.

Free Exchange is an annual graduate student conference organized entirely by graduate students at the University of Calgary Department of English. Founded more than fifteen years ago, it has grown to attract participants from across Canada, the United States, and elsewhere in the world.