Lanham Culture at BYOB Calgary

Greg Debicki has developed an early prototype of Lanham Culture (working title) under the mentorship of Kurtis Lesick. The project is a visualization that uses real time twitter data as input. Tweets are separated into two streams: tweets that promote culture, and tweets that kill culture. This dynamic plays out in a digital petri-dish in which the former are represented as microorganisms and the latter as a virus which kills them.
In this early version of the project, the microorganisms (not yet triggered by twitter data) are subject to temperature changes within the computer. Higher CPU temperatures create a hostile environment in which they are likely to burn, where as lower temperatures stimulate growth. The project is loosely based on John Horton Conway’s cellular automaton called Game of Life. It is being incubated at the CE3C Lab.

BYOB Calgary will be hosted by the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre, located at 1418 7 AVE NW on Saturday Feb 11th starting at 7pm. Cash bar.

Originally conceived by Berlin-based artist Rafael Rozendaal, BYOB Calgary (organized by Rick Silva and Justin Waddell) will bring together 20+ Calgary-based artists to create a collaborative happening of moving light and sound. Various interpretations of the initial idea of BYOB have spawned several different approaches that include ad hoc installations, performances, and other immersive environments of DIY spontaneity and experimentation.