Swimming with Pask gets started at CE3C

Local artists Derek Demassi and Greg Debicki have begun developing their exciting new project Swimming with Pask, at the CE3C lab. The Alberta Foundation for the Arts and CE3C are co-funding the project. Swimming with Pask is a digital media performance/installation that uses software and technology to give bioluminescent algae creative agency, allowing it to perform audio/visual collaborative improvisations with their breath.

Preliminary tests with the hardware and biology are under way and they are expecting to have a working, scaled down prototype by the end of April. The project is scheduled for completion in early June.

Previously, the two have worked together creating visuals and interactive installations at Shambhala, Motion Notion and Sled Island music festivals. More recently they worked with La Caravan Dance Theatre to create a performance that included motion tracking, projector mapping and dancer controlled generative music.