Inter(media)tion meets In(ter)vention






Kurtis Lesick, Kathleen Brown, JR Carpenter and Greg Debicki curated a selection of 3 installations and 1 performance to take to the Literary In(ter)ventions performance night at the Banff Centre, to be displayed alongside performances by Steve Tomasula, J.R. Carpenter, and Brian Kim Stefans.

Selected artists:
Jessie Altura, Sarah Grodecki, Leah Desmond, Maria Samaniego, Dee Fontans, Nicole Tritter, Mihaela Slabe, Teresa Tam and Victoria Braun

The works were incubated in the Inter(media)tion workshop, in which a large number of students from a variety of departments developed interdisciplinary works at breakneck speed. The performance and installations wowed the audience and videos are coming to the CE3C website soon. In the meantime, some photos as a taster…