Inter(media)tion; a one month intensive production bootcamp.


intermediation project

INTER(MEDIA)TION was a one month intensive production boot camp for artists to create collaborative works that explore the intersections of language and technology. It was held in the CE3C Lab in February 2012, and we have two showcases of the works created by the participating artists. In late February, we brought the works to the Banff Centre for the Arts for an evening showcase with the Literary In(ter)ventions program. The student generated works and performances were displayed alongside performances by Steve Tomasula, J.R. Carpenter, and Brian Kim Stefans as a part of StageFest 2012. On March 11th the workshop group will take part in a featured panel at the Free Exchange conference on ‘Media and Excess’ at the University of Calgary, where the student works will be displayed and performed. Kurtis Lesick, Kathleen Brown (writer in residence), and Greg Debicki co-curated the workshop and mentored the students. J.R. Carpenter, a visiting artist, also helped to mentor the students in the final phases of production.

The collaborations produced in the workshop examine and interpret our relationship(s) with technology: how technology affects meaning, context and (mis)communications, how language is translated and transmuted through technology and how consumption and excess manifests as productive or destructive aspects of media and technology.