MADT 301 is the independent studio component for MADT majors. The core of the student portfolio is independent work, and this course is meant to provide the time to research and develop that work.

Andrew Kominek
Apartment 32 Productions


Andrew Kominek is an audio producer, composer, engineer, editor, and recordist currently residing in Calgary, Alberta Canada. He completed the Banff Centre Audio Engineering Workstudy Assistantship program in December 2010 and is pursuing a BFA in the Media Arts and Digital Technologies program at the Alberta College of Art and Design.


Shut Out official site
Audio Department
Full Score

Malvolio official site

Malvolio The Motion Picture Soundtrack

Audio Department
Full Score

White Water Black Gold official site

Music Editor
Foley Editor

Martian Law (2007)Devices (2008)

Malvolio The Motion Picture Sountrack


Slices EP





Awards and Certifications
2010 Banff Centre Audio Engineering Workstudy Assistantship Certificate
2008 Alberta Foundation for the Arts – Multidisciplinary/New Media Training Grant
2004 International Baccalaureate Art Certificate
2002 Alberta New Media Award for Digital Illustration

Mastering workshop with Graemme Brown – November 2010
Sound check for classical recording with Akira Fukada – November 2010
5.1 Surround mix with Akira Fukada, Inca Maya Civilization – November 2010
Surround sound workshop with Akira Fukada – November 2010
Mix session with Orest Sushko, Eastern Promises – October 2010
Movie mixing workshop with Orest Sushko – October 2010
Classical mixing session with John Dunkerley – October 2010
AES Lecture with John Dunkerley, The Decca Tree and Its Uses – October 2010
Skype Lecture with Geoff Martin, Compression – October 2010
Critical listening session with John Dunkerley – October 2010
Pro Tools production and recording session with Shawn Everett – October 2010
Mixing session with Shawn Everett, Weezer – Go Away – October 2010
Avid Pro Tools Session with Shawn Everett, Beat Detective and Melodyne – October 2010
Avid Pro Tools session with David Gleeson Quick Editing in Pro Tools – October 2010
Piano microphone technique with Theresa Leonard – October 2010
Euphonix CS3000/Avid Pro Tools Session with Thomas Gieger – September 2010
Merging Technologies Pyramix session with David Gleeson – September 2010
Skype Lecture with Geoff Martin, Audio Physics – September 2010
Jazz piano and saxophone training, Derek Stoll, instructor – 2000 – 2004
Jazz piano, Mount Royal College Conservatory of Music, Don Wilston, instructor – 1997 – 2000
Classical and jazz piano lessons with Cindy Leier, instructor – 1993 – 1997