MADT 301 is the independent studio component for MADT majors. The core of the student portfolio is independent work, and this course is meant to provide the time to research and develop that work.

Brett Tanner





 ACAD MADT MAJOR (the Alberta College of Art and design majoring in media arts and digital technologies)

 Brett Tanner is a digital media artist who is independent in his art practice. He only attends ACAD as a means to expand his concepts in digital media. As a 4th year artist at ACAD he will need a 5th year to graduate and gain his bachelors of fine arts in digital media.

 Brett is dangerous in digital media. Dangerous meaning he does not excel in media arts as his best art form yet but rather he incorporates fine arts such as sculpture infused with digital media to create installations.

 Currently Brett is exploring the concept of Rotoscoping which combines Japanese style anime with movements of the real human beings. Many experiments of the style anime have been studied in order to develop a comfort zone before attempting movement with his developed style. It’s hard to predict the future but most likely Brett will combine what he has learned in fine arts with digital media to aid in his study of Rotoscoping.

This the Deception Booth with the intent to decieve

The function of the telephone could bring forth efficient usage like saving time for travel meaning if you just wanted to talk to a family member then use a telephone instead of traveling by foot to talk. The telephone could help farmers in this way but certain type of farmers called Mennonites and the Amish reject its presence. The problem was the telephone was too good meaning information could be spread easily, information that should not be said was the issue for Mennonites and the Amish. The telephone is a double edged sword meaning it will provide divine service or a sinful network. In addition media and culture would be exposed to the world and the Mennonite and Amish people want to keep their religion a secret. The term Gelassenheit is defined as believing in God but in a non selfish manner and as a member you have to be obedient to God. Gelassenheit is the way of life the social structure for the Mennonites and Amish. But the benefits in a telephone have more positives than negatives for society, especially when considering how it booms businesses for farmers.

This concept for my project is centered on Divine Service and Sinful network. The divine service refers to how the telephone is essential for spreading information worldwide. The sinful network refers to how certain religions such as the Mennonites disliked the telephone’s ability to spread information easily; information about their own religion has secrets that should not be known to the public.

 The sinful network in my phone booth is the fact that this information about my fish gets passed on equally among the public easily. So why is it a sin to know about my fish?

Fish come from different locations on the globe they are not meant to live with each other meaning that conflict will occur which is the nature of fish. Much like how human nature discovers something new but may not approve of it. This idea of globalization international wise is achieved. The fish live together in the same tank in reality which creates acceptance among each other.

Eventually the Mennonites accepted the telephone.

This Piece deals with the concept of the unconscious and conscious of my art practice. Meaning my process for doing this piece was done in an unconscious state of the mind then when my mind regains consciousness I drew a v-shaped line to cut it off which stops the process of drawing her whole body. Drawing anime style figures of the female gender is appealing but there is a certain shyness to completing her whole body because I am a male artist but also the conscious mind is is very aware of sterotypes of women in how they look in todays society. With the mind being conscious this Servant of Darkness can be expanded upon meaning more versions will be appearing.

In this second version of Servant of Darkness, I decided to do an evolutionary piece meaning this version is level 2.  Why say level? Level is associated with videogames where gamers play a game where you have to roleplay a character while advancing yourself, for example humans gain knowledge in schools in order to increase their intellecual minds to learn more things to live life with an understanding of society. So for this art piece the use of modifying its color is the evolution shown here. And yes more will be coming anf there is a reason for it which I will state in later versions.

Here is another version of Servant of Darkness. Again I stress on the idea of modifying color scheme. My goal for this modification is keep audiences engaged and curious because there will be another version coming and the versions will stop at some point meaning I have more to say in the next verion.

Behold! This is Level 4 in the Serveant of Darkness series and the final one. Much like the first version I focused on giving it light rather than making it darker like previous versions seen. But what does all this mean for the audience? Well the truth is these Servants are all experiments in order to develop a much greater picture. The greater picture is “The Princess of Darkness” which is a piece that deals with concepts that can cause more interest, meaning the style of anime is considered in a new fashion, and questions that I raised about the female gender will be answered in “The Princess of Darkness”  and why do I insist on the female gender? Be patient folks because it is coming incomplete or complete it will make its appearance.

Brett Tanner. Rotoscoping Anime (Incomplete), 2010. 32 x 34 in. Digital Print.

This piece Rotoscoping Anime can also be called Princess of Darkness that deals with a real human being turned into an anime style portrait. The purpose for doing this picture was to gain a comfort zone then develop animation that would use transitions in video. A video recording would be done of a real human. Then anime style drawing techniques would be drawn with pencil to match the movements of the real human on video. The anime and human would then be put together to create the transitions meaning the idealizations would be seen between anime and human. The idealization refers how a young lady should appear in anime form while addressing her true human form.

The animation tells a narrative. The story is about a young lady named Ai who wakes up from sleeping on her couch and then decides to look for a bite to eat. She searches her kitchen but she can’t seem to find her Panda! she continues to search for Pandas and then walks back to her couch and lays back down. Panda refers to chocolate cookies with Panda pictures drawn on them.