MADT 301 is the independent studio component for MADT majors. The core of the student portfolio is independent work, and this course is meant to provide the time to research and develop that work.

Kurtis Lesick

Kurtis Lesick is a poly-media artist, researcher, and creative content developer. He has consulted with such leading arts and media organisations as the Alberta College of Art + Design, the Banff New Media Institute, the Calgary Arts Development Authority, Canadian Heritage, the National Film Board of Canada, the Union of BC Performers, and others. Kurtis has overseen the development of several large-scale online properties, has written and creative directed the KidScreen award winning ‘Technosaurs’ project, and has developed online and mobile concepts for the National Film Board of Canada and independent producers.

Kurtis recently completed “Good Medicine,” a collaborative video inquiry with six aboriginal artists on the concept of wellness in Aboriginal societies. He is currently working with Alan Dunning and Adam Tindale on the Complex Input / Rational Output (CIRO) project, which explores the visualization of complex datasets in multi-touch environments. He teaches in Media Arts and Digital Technology at the Alberta College of Art and Design, where he is also establishing the Creative Environment for Emerging Electronic Culture (Ce3C). He has recently been made the Chair of Development for IT and Digital Media for the Association of Alberta Colleges and Technical Institutes (AACTI) and sits on the Board of Directors of Digital Alberta.


In the Shadow of Progress

In the Shadow of Progress is an interactive, multi-platform digital documentary that analyses life in the northern boomtown of Ft. McMurray, Alberta through the lens of seven people, each with their own individual challenges and world-view. Combining the latest developments in digital locative technology, mobile audio, video (MMS), text (SMS) messaging, email, integrated web delivery, and interactive storytelling, In the Shadow of Progress is meant to problematise the role of the audience both as a passive consumer of information and a static consumer of entertainment. The boundary between ‘leisure’ time, that in front of an entertainment device, and ‘active’ time, the main task oriented periods of the day, is blurred. (more…)

The Technosaurs

The Technosaurs is a branded multi-platform educational participatory narrative for ‘tweens’ that uses technology to explore the world of dinosaurs. Through a freak technological mishap, four Technosaurs get zapped to the time of dinosaurs. They’re lost in a foreign environment – they don’t know what to eat, where to take shelter, and most importantly, how to get home… and if that’s not bad enough, something is after them. (more…)