MADT 301 is the independent studio component for MADT majors. The core of the student portfolio is independent work, and this course is meant to provide the time to research and develop that work.


Media Artist – Alberta College of Art and Design

I work in the areas of live audio and video performance, as well as interactive gaming and 3D digital design.  This is not all that I do but is where I am currently focusing my efforts.  I design custom digital interfaces for Mrmr, an iPhone app, and physical interfaces using the Arduino, which interact in real time using Open Sound Control (OSC) to communicate with various programming software.  For sound I primarily use Pure Data (PD), and ChucK.  PD has a visual programming language called GEM which I have used to create visuals that interact with the music in real time.  I am now investigating using other programs such as Blender, an open source tool suite for 3D content creation, and Processing, a programming language.  I have also began investigation programming for the iPhone OS (iPod, iPhone, iPad), and am currently working on my first 3D video game using the SIO2 game engine and Blender.

Digital Content Locations

Blog Posts – My youtube user name is I the Dark King (an anagram of Keith Karding).  All that is on here currently is the video for Life in a Cube, and a video illustrating a coding problem I posted to a forum.  I leave it up so that anyone who wants to know what the solution in the forum is for, they can look at the video still. – This is where I have been putting (some of) my photography for the past few years.  When I get the chance to update this it will have four or five times as much content. – I have a bunch of PD, and ChucK patches on here that I use to make sounds with. – This is the site that Jing has a contract (or something) with.  Unless you pay for it Jing only outputs .swf files which youtube and vimeo wont take.  Now I find out that Quicktime does screencasts.  Currently there are just a few tutorial like videos on here, three with Blender and one with ChucK.

I feel like I’m forgetting something…

Project List

digiBall – 2010

Level Pics

(In Progress)

digiBall is a 3D video game for the iPhone OS.  The player is a rolling ball and the goal is to complete each level in the fastest time, collecting as many pick-ups as possible and advancing to the next level.  A final score is recorded to a personal high score list, and an online database records the best world wide.

This project is designed to be a fairly simple introduction to video game creation and programming for the iPhone.  I am using the SIO2 SDK, a System Development Kit that exports files from Blender into an Xcode template.  I am also teaching myself some Objective-C, and OpenGL ES, two programming languages for the iPhone.

I have so far created a simple environment in which the output of the iPhone’s accelerometer are used to apply force to the ball, causing to roll around the environment with the camera following along in third person fashion.  I still need to create a menu system that will switch between levels, as well as create some additional in level functionality that will allow the player to be destroyed and returned to the beginning of the level.  At that point the game will probably be functional at the minimum level required for playability, and I may decide to release a beta.  Further expansion will occur as my programming skills do, including more interactive sound, interactive objects, and many more levels.  I eventually expect to release a 99 cent version on the app store.

Shelter From the Storm – 2010

Shelter from the storm is a class project in which I am to create a CG scene including both architectural and natural objects.  I have chosen to create a natural landscape over a the decaying rubble of a city (it’s still architecture if it’s destroyed right?), giving the feeling of a post human era where nature has been left to take her world back.

Pictures:  You can find all my final renders here.

Life in a Cube – 2010

Life in a Cube is an abstract 3D music video.  The two primary visual elements are a cube spinning in a starfield, and two particle systems orbiting each other in a double helix, which react to the different elements of the music. Life in a Cube was created for a class assignment, and counter to my usual approach of creating the music and visuals together in real time, the visuals were choreographed to the audio.  I used ChucK and Audacity to create the music and Blender to create the 3D graphics.  iMovie was used to edit the video.

Apparitions 1 & 2 – 2009

Apparitions 1 and 2 are live glitchy-remix audio visual performances created using samples primarily from Nine Inch Nails’ Ghosts 1 and 2, off the album Ghosts.  I perform using Mrmr on my iPhone to control custom PD patches of three sorts, all three using recorded samples.  The first plays the sample once like a drum pad, I press a button and you hear a bass drum.  The second plays a sample that is a fraction of a second over and over again, creating a drone.  Adjusting the speed at which it is repeated changes the pitch of the drone.  The final plays repeating loops that are a number of seconds long.  All three are piped through several delay lines that I use to glitch the music and make live sampled loops.  The harmonic frequencies of the three different parts displayed three colours of equalizer bands, red, blue and green.  When the different parts play the different colours overlap and add to each other, creating secondary colours and white when all three are present.  The three parts also alter the location of a strictly black and white (no shades of grey) photograph in relation to their amplitude on the three different axis x, y, and z.  The white in the photograph is transparent and the environment has a black background, resulting in black screen, with a photograph appearing (and moving) as the equalizer bands plays behind it, all in time with my own style of musical noise.