MADT 301 is the independent studio component for MADT majors. The core of the student portfolio is independent work, and this course is meant to provide the time to research and develop that work.

end of semester Creative ID project

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The final draft for this final project in vscm 432. It’s been a fun journey through after effects and i’ll definitely be animating more over the summer, there are so many improvements i can make in my projects now that i finally understand interpolation between keyframes. Kevin, the instructor, was very encouraging and reminded us today about applying for film/video grants from the alberta foundation for the arts, which is a great opportunity especially when i’m trying to animate on my own. looking forward to starting some new projects!


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Here is a list of Twinlings comics I’ve done and am fond of:

a vaguely religious upbringing
The Greatest Treasure
The Sexy Librarian Look

The latter two comics are collaborations between Greg Doble and myself. In both cases, the images are drawn by Greg before I add text to them.

It’s Science, Motherfucker!

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It’s Science, Motherfucker! is a multimedia project promoting science eduction for adolescents and young adults. When completed, it will combine music, comics and videos and tackle a wide range of science topics from the seemingly inconsequential, like dinosaurs, to more pressing and controversial subjects like vaccination. The overall tone will be one of wit and irreverence which will appeal to the target demographic.

Over the course of the last few months I have been focused mainly on the musical aspect of this project and I have written a number of songs. The only one that I’ve finished recording and mixing is Dinosaur Love Song which can be found on the TWIS 2010 Science Music Compilation

I began recordings Life on Earth Will End and Ballad of the Bulbocaverosus Reflex, but both are still in progress. These, however, still sound much better than the home recorded demos of Ballad of the Bulbocavernosus Reflex (demo) and Life on Earth Will End (demo).

I also began work on a music video for Life on Earth Will End. Sadly, it was abandoned because the clay models I constructed ended up being unsuitable for stop motion animation. Below are two motion tests done for this video.

I worked on songs about AIDS and vaccination, but were not able to complete either song. Truthfully, I felt intimidated by responsibility of taking on such important issues, which may have hampered my progress. Below are the lyrics for both songs:

Unititled Aids Song
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, better known as AIDS
Has no known vaccine or cure so we gotta stay safe
Most everybody that I know likes to get drunk and fuck
So I ain’t suggesting even for a second that you gotta give that shit up
Go ahead and engage in premarital sex
Just make sure you’re wrappin’ it up in a sheath of latex

AIDS, yeah I’m talking ‘bout AIDS
It damages your immune system and you don’t feel too great
AIDS, yeah I’m talking ‘bout AIDS
It kills about one billion of your white blood cells every day

It’s true that condoms won’t work right all the time
They’re not effective 100%, but closer to 99
But they’ll still decrease the risk of sexually transmitted infection
When you’re givin’ the lucky boy or girl some physical affection
Even if you’re not having sex, you should be aware, dude
You could contract HIV from other bodily fluids

Untitled Vaccination Song
Measles, mumps, rubella
Let me tell ya, fella
We could make ’em all history
And though it might seem fair
to say that these diseases are rare
That only because we’ve got vaccines

Jenny McCarthy may have you believe that autism’s caused this way
But who really gives a shit ’bout anything she has to say
When her greatest skill seems to be taking off all of her clothes
and posing for photographs that make guys like me blow their load
It’s true that there’s mercury in some vaccines
But it’s a practice that’s rarely seen
And it’s not even as much as you’d find in a can of tuna fish
So I not sure why people want to whine and bitch

I finished writing The Cavendish Banana is Going Extinct and was happy with the lyrics, but could get a tune to go with it that I liked. Above is the closest I got to an acceptable tune.

I also ended up writing two non-science songs, one about history and one about grammar. The history song, Anglo-Saxon You Up is a song about British history. The grammar song, Fucking Grammar, explains verbs, adjectives and nouns. Fucking Grammar hasn’t been finished yet, but the lyrics are have can be found below:

A noun’s a person, place or thing like a rainbow or a clown
A verb is something that you do like smile or run around
If you say something’s fun or cool you’re using adjectives
And sometimes when you hurt yourself you’ll scream an expletive
Those are kinds of words we’ve got, and boy are you in luck
‘cause there’s a word that call be all four, and that word is

Fuck, it’s my favourite word
As an adjective, an expletive, a noun or a verb
Fuck is my favourite word
Fuck yeah

I’ll use fuck as a verb when I whisper in your ear, girl
If you give me just one chance I know that I could rock your world
And in this context the word “fuck” means something we could do
So how about it, darling? Just me and you
If you’re thinkin’ of a reply and you’re feelin’ kinda stuck
May I suggest that you say “hey, baby let’s…”

Fuck, it’s my favourite word
As an adjective, an expletive, a noun or a verb
Fuck is my favourite word
Fuck yeah

Baby, I ain’t that naïve, I’m sure that you’ll say “no”
But that don’t mean I won’t bitch and whine, call you a “fuckin’ ho”
In this case the word “fuckin’” describes the kind of ho you are
It’s adjective like the word “blue” in the phrase “the blue car”
Or like the word “feathery” in the phrase “the feathery duck”
But that’s enough examples for now, I just wanna sing

Fuck, it’s my favourite word
As an adjective, an expletive, a noun or a verb
Fuck is my favourite word
Fuck yeah

While neither song is about science, they are both somewhat educational and I feel that they would make for good bonus tracks on It’s Science Motherfucker!.

This concludes my work on It’s Science, Motherfucker! this semester.

Last minute changes

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I have reconfigured the code for my multitouch project. Since I wanted to include the image of the person working with the panel in the projected image I had to redesign the project to use the camera internally to processing.

I think it worked rather well, but it remains to be seen how well it coems across. Here is a sample with myself behind the board. You can see my shadow occasionally, and the projected image I was working with.

Documentation Fluid revival from Gerry Straathof on Vimeo.

quick reveiw of this terms work

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MADT204 Final Crit – Musical Performance with Nyssa Brown using the Arduino

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The code I wrote based on the Tone Melody for the Arduino using the pitches.h library for the sounds.

keithk – processing

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So I finally began using Processing.  My goal is to make interfaces that I can interact with to create visuals, and have the visuals send information about themselves Pure Data, through Open Sound Control in order to make sound to go along with it.  Part of my problem in past projects was relying too heavily on Pure Data and OSC.  But in the past day I have been playing with it I have managed to get some good results.  I have up to 10 objects transmitting 4 pieces of data at whatever frame rate Processing runs at (30-60 frames per second, I would say) without OSC giving out.  Even when it does, it just takes a second for everything to kick back after you drop some messages.  The instrument control is like (read: ripped off of) this example.  The instrument (Processing patch), and OSC receiver patch for PD are both on It is still called the “Ball Dropper” after the example it is based on, but the balls barely drop now, they just sink slowoly.  I haven’t made the sound for it yet, but that is why I am porting the numbers into PD.  I will probably have to rewrite it soon, currently it is still an adaptation of an example, and I think I am going to have to completely reorganize things pretty quick.


Lighting Test: Sunny Afternoon Light

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This is a Lighting Test working with natural light from an eastward facing window in the afternoon

* Click For High-Resolution *

Lighting Test: Calgary At Dusk

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This is a Lighting Test working with 30 second exposures looking over 14th st. & 5th ave. NW

* Click For High-Resolution *

Photo Essay From Maui: Day 07

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This is a photographic essay covering day-in-the-life activities while on a recent 7-day trip to Hawaii

* Photo Set Coming Soon